Neighborhood Watch




The Neighborhood Watch concept centers on the community and police working together for the safety and protection of a neighborhood.  It is an organization made up of citizens concerned about their neighborhood. 


Neighborhood Watch is one of the most effective and least costly answers to crime.  Watch groups are a foundation of community crime prevention; they can be a stepping stone to community revitalization.


One of the primary purposes of the Culpeper County Sheriff's Office Neighborhood Watch Program is to make this county on the safest places to live.  We strive to educate the community on helpful techniques that will reduce the likelihood of victimization.  It is our philosophy that the citizens are law enforcement's eyes and ears.  Sheriff Jenkins is working to reactivate old neighborhood Watch Programs as well as initiate new neighborhood Watch Programs in Culpeper County.  it is our goal to have the majority of Culpeper County neighborhoods actively participating in the Neighborhood Watch Program.













Business Crime Watch                                                     



Business Crime Watch is a partnership between the business community and the Sheriff's Office. It enables businesses to take an active part in preventing and reducing crime through sharing information, raising awareness and improving communication.

The purpose of the Culpeper County Sheriff's Office Business Crime Watch is to encourage the exchange of information and crime prevention techniques between law enforcement and local business.

The mission of the Culpeper County Sheriff's Office Business Crime Watch is to promote a safe environment for our citizens to live, work, shop and play.




How does Business Crime Watch Work?




Our Business Crime Watch is modeled after the highly successful Neighborhood Watch Program. The Business Crime Watch will establish a formal network among local businesses and law enforcement. participants are alerted to the potential of crime and current crime trends. Participants are encouraged to form a "community" that watches out for one another.



Our commitment as law enforcement is to provide Business Crime Watch participants with information and crime prevention training.



The Business Crime Watch is not meant to replace you current security system or plan. Instead it is to augment these and enhance the overall awareness and safety of the business, its employees and customers.



Benefits of Participation



- Network with other businesses.

- Build better relationships with local law enforcement.

- Learn crime prevention techniques.

- Increase awareness and reduce crime.

- Availability of training for you and your employees.

- Availibility of signs/decals showing your participation in the Business Crime Watch.





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