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Scott H. Jenkins, Sheriff






Scott H. Jenkins has proudly served as Sheriff of Culpeper County since January 1, 2012. Under the leadership of Sheriff Scott Jenkins, the Culpeper County Sheriff's Office has been transformed into a modern day law enforcement agency with the latest training, education, and technology. The office is constantly updating to stay ahead of the newest developments in law enforcement.

Born and raised in Culpeper County, Scott Jenkins began his law enforcement career, as a Deputy Sheriff, at the age of 18. At the age of 23, after working in the Jail and Patrol Divisions, Scott was promoted to Investigator in 1994 by Sheriff Robert Peters. Investigator Jenkins became a firearms instructor and worked major crimes until his promotion to Patrol Sergeant by Sheriff Roger Mitchell in 1998.

In 1998, after our nation had witnessed the Columbine school shooting and other "active shooter" incidents, Scott volunteered his time working to obtain training and grants to form Culpeper County's first SWAT Team. Later, he conducted the first "active shooter" training program for Culpeper Sheriff's Office and Culpeper Police Department.

Scott returned to work in the Criminal Investigation Division and served as Sergeant and Lieutenant of Investigations under Sheriff Hart. Scott Jenkins proudly received the “Deputy of the Year” award in 1999 from the Veterans of Foreign Wars. After many years of successful investigations, Scott was selected for the Victim's Advocacy Award in 2007 by the Culpeper Crime Victim's Assistance Program.

Scott Jenkins joined the Culpeper Police Department in 2004 under Chief Dan Boring. Scott was promoted to Patrol Sergeant and later supervised Criminal Investigations. In 2004, Scott helped form the first SWAT Team at Culpeper Police Department. In January of 2008, Scott Jenkins was selected as the Chief Deputy of Rappahannock Sheriff's Office and served in that position until being elected Sheriff of Culpeper County in the November 2011 election, and re-elected as Sheriff in November 2015.

Scott Jenkins has proudly served and developed his leadership style from successful leaders in law enforcement such as Chief Dan Boring and Sheriff Robert Peters.

Scott Jenkins resides in Culpeper County with his wife Patricia, and their two young children, Bradley and Brailey. Scott is an NRA member. For over twelve years, he has instructed citizens in “Concealed Carry of Handguns.” Scott continues to instruct federal and local officers in tactical firearms training. Scott served over fifteen years as a volunteer firefighter and was awarded “Lifetime Membership” from Salem Volunteer Fire Department in 2004. He is a Charter Member of the Virginia Homicide Investigators Association and is a member of the Virginia Sheriff's Association and the National Sheriff’s Association.

Senior CarFit - April 19, 2016

Culpeper County Sheriff's Office, in cooperation with Culpeper Silver Citizen's Club, Culpeper TRIAD, AAA, AARP, & The Virginia Dept. of Aging, will host a CarFit Senior Driver Education Program on Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 from 1:00 pm-4:00 pm in the parking lot of 14022 Public Safety Court.


What exactly is CarFit?


CarFit is an educational program that provides a quick, yet comprehensive review of how well senior drivers and their vehicles work together. CarFit is designed... to help older drivers find out how well they currently fit their personal vehicle, to highlight actions they can take to improve their fit, and to promote conversations about driver safety and community mobility. A proper fit in one's personal vehicle can greatly increase not only the driver's safety but also the safety of others.


Members of the Culpeper Sheriff's Office as well as community volunteers will be on hand to assist with reviewing 12 key areas of the senior driver's fit to their personal vehicle.


Reservations for participants are requested, and may be made by emailing or calling Rita Nickle at mynickle2012@gmail.com or 540-219-7023. Questions regarding the event locally may be made to Sgt. David Myers at dmyers@culpepercounty.gov or 540-829-9884.